Pottery by Ashley Sexton


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These pieces of pottery were made by Ashley Sexton at the Catawba Cultural Center. They were made during a pottery class taught by Catawba Master Potter Caroleen Sanders and Catawba artist Faye George-Greiner. 

Caroleen Sanders helped Ashley to construct the snake bowl. 

Faye George Greiner helped Ashley to constuct the turtle. 

Cultural Narrative: 

These pieces of pottery were made by Ashley Sexton of the Catawba Indian Nation. Ashley is the daughter of Kristine Carpenter and the Great Great Granddaughter of Chief Samuel Taylor Blue. 

Traditional Knowledge: 

The clay used in the making of these pieces was from an ancient clay hole site that the Catawba have used for centuries. 

Ashley used techniques passed down from generations to mold the clay. She used primitive tools such as antlers and corncobs when creating the piece. 

The piece was burned in the same way the Catawba have used for many years.